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André Kole's World of Illusion

  "My name is David Copperfield. In a moment you will witness one of the most remarkable illusions ever attempted on stage, anywhere in the world...
Ladies and Gentlemen - André Kole."

With this introduction, internationally acclaimed illusionist André Kole unveils one of his most famous magical creations, the disappearance of a ten-foot-tall Statue of Liberty . In this illusion, Kole makes a replica of the Statue (weighing several hundred pounds and constructed of wood, fiberglass and steel), disappear in slow motion.

David Copperfield has called Kole's Statue of Liberty creation "one of the most remarkable illusions ever attempted on stage, anywhere in the world."

The disappearance of the Statue of Liberty is just one of the original illusions Kole has created for his "Magical Spectacular World of Illusion."

Witness André Kole LIVE as he performs many of the original illusions which have won him acclaim as the greatest illusionist of our time including pulling coins from the air, sawing a young lady in half, shrinking a person down to one-fifth their original size, levitating in mid-air, traveling into the fourth dimension and baffling audiences with escapes in typical Houdini fashion.

You won't just sit there and watch because André Kole wants members of the audience to PARTICIPATE in these unbelievable feats of illusion!

You will walk away amazed, baffled, confounded AND inspired!

Don't miss the opportunity to see André Kole's World of Illusion!

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