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André Kole...

One of the world's foremost investigators of...

the Paranormal and Supernatural

Magic - Miracles - and the Supernatural...Where Illusion and Reality Collide

There's something intriguing about the supernatural. We all want to believe, but does believing mean we are forced to accept these phenomena and our world in a different way? Are miracles just ancient tales and stories designed to create a faith in something or someone? Is magic just slight of hand, or is there something supernatural in the illusions performed?

Andre Kole has performed in more countries than any other magician in history. In addition to performing in all 50 states of the United States, he has performed in 80 countries on five continents, including performances on national television in over 40 countries. While Mr. Kole is no longer traveling with his stage show, this site remains to honor the erra of Andre Kole's touring show. Please stay tuned for the next generation of Andre's ministry where he is the subject of a documentary film now in production, at

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